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Headshots, so simple and so complicated at the same time.

What does a great headshot involve?

At first, you have the technical skills needed to accomplish it. There are a lot of them, but this is only the outter shell of it. It’s cristal clear that if you don’t master this skills you are lost, you have nothing to do about this work. But it’s clear also that you can be technically perfect and get really poor headshots.

The second thing you have to learn in order to accomplish a great headshot is people direction; and this is what’s all about, direction.

You need to learn how to create confidence, how to make people feel confortable (even thought they may dislike to be photographed, at least at first). It’s all about to be able to generate this magic moment when the person you have infront of your camera lens forgets about it and is simply itself for a second.

Everybody can look great in a picture, and this is my job like a photographer; to capture your best you in a photograph. And believe me when I say that I’ll do it.