Yes, this is me!

And this is always the more difficult part to write. Never is easy to speak about oneself.

I’ve done a lot of different things along my half life now (I was born in 1979), but while this is a photography site I’ll speak only about my “photographic life”.

I started in photography when I was about 15 years old. All began with and old telemetric Yashica I one day found in my fathers wardrobe. The first photos I took where so bad that my teenager ego couldn’t let it stay this way. But how to learn photography in an small village in the early 90’s when The Internet even doesn’t existed?

I think that it was a matter of destiny; I was walking along the street with not much to do when I saw a photography book in a store-front… But how to get this book when I was a skint teenager at this moment? I’m not sure about how I got the money to buy that book but I managed to get it and this is how all started!

It was Michael Langford’s “The Step-by-step Guide to Photography” in its Spanish edition.

From this book I started a long self-taught photographic way, but there was a moment when I reached a point of stalemate and I was feeling like not advancing at all.

It was then (it should be about 2003) when I decided to go further, so I enrolled in a Professional Photo Course in one of the best and well known photo schools in Madrid. This decision really made the difference while I had the opportunity to get in touch and to learn from some of the best photography masters of the country; not only about photography techniques but what a photograph with soul has to have and, what is more important, how a master photographer thinks and behave.

This is how my first camera looked like. Awesome!

Since I ended my Pro Photographer Training I have been taking photos both for my personal use and for a wide variety of clients for years and now, in late 2018, I’m starting a new photographic adventure related to travel, architectural and advertising/promotional photography.

Wish me good luck in this new journey as I wish you to enjoy my pictures!